Silent Heart Meditation

Date: Sunday, September 29, 2019

Time: 10 AM - 12 PM

Address: Gandhi Hall - Sanatan Dharma Temple 15311 Pioneer Blvd, Norwalk, CA

Price: Free

Description :

Silent Heart Meditation

Through Silent Heart Meditation, Mukesh Anand transmits Pure Consciousness (Universal Energy). This Consciousness calms the student’s mind, clears layers of conditioning and opens the Spiritual Heart, revealing one’s true nature: a state of infinite love, peace and bliss.

Body Scanning and Harmonizing

The seeds of disease take root long before manifesting in the physical body. Through Silent Heart Meditation, Mukesh Anand “scans” the body, piercing through layers of conditioning and accessing information about one’s body, vital energies, the mind, and emotions. It has often led to the astonishing discovery of diseases in their early stages, which would go undetected by instruments and practitioners of modern medical science.

By channeling Universal Energy, Mukesh Anand helps quite the mind as well as harmonize the body and its organs, initiating the reversal process of disease, manifest and unmanifest. In the aftermath, the student has the potential to continue sustaining this inner well-being and preventing further disease by establishing themselves in their meditation practice and progressing on their spiritual journey.

RSVP now: Shailesh Mehta at 909-910-9700

Varun Gandhi at 404-232-5564

Hema Chauhan at 949-394-1412