Thank you for your interest in volunteering! The Gujarati Society of Southern California is a volunteer-run organization and we truly appreciate your support. If you are interested in volunteering for the ongoing projects and activities of GSSC, please read the descriptions below of each committee and then make sure to select “YES” on the Membership Form under “I am interested in volunteering my services to GSSC.”

Entertainment :

The Entertainment Committee will be involved in events such as concerts, diwali dinners, navratri and holi celebrations, and more. If you are interested in logistics, event planning, project management and working with a diverse group of people, this committee is for you.


The Sports Committee will be in charge of organizing sports-related activities and fundraising to build a sports complex and social club.

Medical Camp:

The Medical Camp Committee will organize an annual health fair and other frequent activities to bring awareness to a healthy lifestyle for the GSSC community.

Short Trip Planner:

Like to travel? The Short Trip Planner Committee will organize weekend trips up to 10 day trips in California, nationally and internationally.

Political Action Committee:

The Political Action Committee will monitor legislation, interact with city and county council members to effectuate change that benefits GSSC members. As a non-profit we will not be supporting or opposing any particular candidate for office, but rather supporting non-partisan voter registration drives, non-partisan candidate debates, non-partisan voter education, legislative and issue advocacy.

Women Empowerment:

The Women Empowerment Committee will focus on uplifting and empowering women in the GSSC community to be self-sufficient and bring awareness to gender equality issues. This group will focus on vocational training, financial management skills, confidence training, providing a safe space, education and more.

Entrepreneur and Small Business:

The Entrepreneur and Small Business Committee will support and promote emerging businesses, focusing on growth, education, networking, and more.

Tech Support:

The Tech Support Committee will manage GSSC’s technology needs, including the website, email marketing, A/V, and other IT needs.

Legal Services:

The Legal Services Committee will work closely with the Executive Board and Committee to ensure legal compliance with the organization’s non-profit status and other legal needs such as contract review, referrals to specialized attorneys and more.

Youth Activities:

The Youth Activities Committee will foster future leaders of the GSSC community by encouraging youth involvement. The Committee will focus on networking, business and career development, mentorship and education.

Seniors Activities:

The Seniors Activities Committee is a committee focused on honoring our elders. The Committee will organize various cultural events and provide support and education to those over 65.